LA MALAEDUCAXXXION is a talk show where forty women and four men of every age, nationality and culture, exchange views on the many faces of sex. In a stylish and slightly retro studio, the presenter Elena Di Cioccio welcomes her guests ready to exchange opinions, experiences, fantasies and curiosities from an erotic point of view. No didactic approach, nor the opinions of sex therapists or psychologists. In LA MALAEDUCAXXXION there are only men and women with their experiences and their desire to talk about them. Short and evocative monologues by Elena Di Cioccio open the show and introduce the topic of conversation. The confidential discussion will also include brief interviews with personalities from the world of entertainment, art and Italian and international literature: philosophers, playwrights, actors, directors and writers, reveal their human sides as they struggle with feelings, passion and sex.

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    2011 - 2012 - 2013

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    LA7 D

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    Talk Show