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The most exciting, unpredictable, adventurous hunt, following a prey that hides in every corner: the beauty of the ltalian landscape .

Discovering the most hidden and  secret ltaly.

A medieval town at the bottom of a lake in Abruzzo, a hidden canyon in the heart of Dolomites ali covered with dinosaurs traces, an unknown marine cave in Apulia, the wild !ife of wolves in a natural paradise few kilometers from Rome and many others…


Channel: Rai Tre

Episodes: 30

Lenght: 15′ or 60′

Genre: Documentary


Underground Rome still hides unexplored  corners  and stories to tell.

Aqueducts, ancient villas, cisterns, shelters , catacombs, misterious hypogeums. Places that have been sealed for a long time are of ten much nearer to the surface and in close contact with the modern city than you would guess. Stili a great deal of them remain unexplored.

Will courage and technology find the solution to unswered questions for centuries?

A team of explorers, combining the use of high tecnology instruments with climber’s and speleologist’s physical resources, will guide thorugh the dark side of Rome looking for answers to unresolved issues


“Happy” is a challenge .

The individuai research for happiness is the some all over the world and for every human being.

In each episode a victim of prejudice, considered a misfit and a celebrity, will spend a week end together sharing experiences.

Through their interaction they will prove that happiness is possible for everybody.

A swap where definitions and  roles will be questioned.

Year: 2017

Channel: TV2000

Episodes: 6

Lenght: 25′

Genre: Factual


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